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World Without Walls

Nature created a world without walls. A world where a vast sky could snugly fit into two pairs of eyes and arms open wide and where one could learn a lot more from just rocks, rivers and trees. A world where music is not forced out of an i-pod, but wafts out as chirping of sparrows, rustling of dry
leaves or simply as the deafening silence of expansive sands. A world where time moves slowly, but the imagination runs fast.
World Without Walls program of the Aravali Foundation for Education is dedicated to promoting educational adventure in nature’s class room to inspire a personal connection to the natural world and responsible action to sustain it. World Without Walls program has two themathic

modules The Mountain Program & The Desert Program.


Camp Sites  
Camp Churdhar
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Camp Alpine
Located on the banks of river Tirthan....Read More

Camp Aravali
Camp Aravali – area sprawling over    ....Read More

Camp Thar
Deserts cover about 1/5 of the Earth's....Read More

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