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Mountains are crucial to all life on Earth. Though home to only 12 percent of the world's human population, mountains have influenced the lifestyles of a much larger proportion of humanity. Mountains are also one of the most densely forested regions of Earth, making them unique ecosystems providing habitat to a wide variety of plants and animals. Mountains do matter. And one way or the other, we are all mountain people.The Mountain Learning Program at the Aravali Foundation for Education (AFE) to expose young minds to the realities,rigors and excitement of a life in the mountains.
It also seeks to enable them to discover, experience, understand and enjoy the incredible natural realities of the mountains. After all, to learn more about the mountains is like learning more about our own self.

Time spent in the mountains is not necessarily a break away from learning. It can actually be a wonderfully different way to learn. Learning that comes naturally by linking concepts dealt upon within the four walls of the classroom with the realities of nature.

The Mountain Learning Program is operated outof AFE's dedicated facilities developed under its World Without Walls program.
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