Camp Alpine


Located on the banks of river Tirthan in the eco-zone of Great Himalayan National Park near village Sairopa, District Kullu (H.P.).30 KM to the west of the Delhi-Manali Highway across river Beas, Camp Alpine is an ideal place for one to be in sync with nature and to internalize its pristine grandeur (see map for more details and directions). 

Camp Alpine has many things to offer and one can pick what s/he is looking for. A long walk along countless trekking trails smelling of pine can be breath taking as well as refreshing.
Visiting the local trout fish farm can prepare one to later try one’s hands at angling in gushing blue waters of the Tirthan. For those who wish to explore local culture a visit to several villages dotting the hills is worth all the time it takes to savor local cuisine, chat with the folks in local tea shops, spin wool on traditional looms, weaving cane baskets or just observing and enjoying the way life ambulates here with simplicity and old world charm. For those out test their guts, river Tirthan can pose to be a moderately formidable challenge to cross using only a rope. Numerous rock faces jutting out of towering mountains are just ideal for climbing up or rappel down while holding one’s breath (and ofcourse the rope!).
While the colors of the sky change by the hour at Camp Alpine, the dark side of mountains unleashes itself after sundown. There is no better way to unwind than to leisurely enjoy a well earned meal by the fire while hearing the Tirthan screaming down its course just a stone’s throw away. Or to just look at the countless number of stars that seem to be bursting out of sky peeping through surrounding peaks.
While the nature around Camp Alpine is raw, the camp is fully equipped to provide comfortable accommodation (in fully equipped all weather tents) with well designed and hygienic facilities.


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