Natural Resources and Climate Change

AFE recognizes that urban environmental problems will need ever increasing focus in the times to come. The straight forward reason for this is the rapidly enlarging size of our cities and towns and an ever increasing human populations migrating to these habitations in search of professional opportunities. As cities grow their ecological footprint rapidly enlarges even as they become more and more vulnerable to natural disturbances and imbalances, including climate change.

Natural Resource and Climate Change Division at AFE focuses on identifying and analyzing the drivers of urban environmental decline, and works with city managers and urban planning agencies in finding ways and means to reverse or slow down. AFE strives to achieve these objectives by not only promoting exchange of information and regular dialogue between various stakeholders in urban management, but also by undertaking pilot programs to demonstrate technologies and practices relevant to urban environmental management.

Center for Urban Green Spaces at AFE seeks to integrate urban green spaces seamlessly with urban planning and also to improve management of urban forests in order to fully tap their potential for general welfare and better quality of life in a sustainable manner.

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